This is Billy the Teddy Bear. He is from Montana, and really likes dinosaurs and the Cretaceous time period. He likes to travel to many fossil dig sites to watch paleontologists find fossils. He also enjoys digging for fossils himself. If Billy could go back in time, he wants to go back 80 million years ago, to the time of the dinosaurs and live with a T-Rex.

Billy dresses in a dinosaur costume every Halloween. This year he decided to dress as a green T-Rex. He got many dinosaur candies and also dinosaur erasers. He even had a dinosaur egg trick-or-treat bag which was filled to the brim with his goods.

Billy wants to go overseas to China, Argentina, and Australia to see the dinosaurs that once lived there. He wants to study paleontology in the future to become a paleontologist. Billy hopes that he will find a new dinosaur species and be able to name it after himself.

Jonathan Furumizo